meet the makers

The Makers Markets at Arlene’s are scheduled to take place this summer outside in the store’s parking lot every Saturday starting July 10th till August 28th from 11am to 4 pm. Check out below to learn more about the Makers that will be at the markets and we hope to see you there.

Allison Borden Piracci.png
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Allison Piracci, Solulu Handmade- handmade tweed bags

Allison Piracci has always enjoyed making things. Using her hands to create brings a sense of peace and joy for her. Over the years, Piracci has made quilts and jewelry, She has dabbled in knitting, and has made my fair share of handmade halloween costumes for her daughters. Having always had an eye for handbags, Piracci is enjoying using her creativity to create her own designs. Although a busy full time working wife and mother, Piracci has taken her passion and created her small business, Solulu Handmade. Now she gets to share that passion with you, her customers. 

Beth Joslin- potter

Beth Joslin makes functional and decorative high fire pottery. She enjoys making pieces people can use and treasure everyday. Joslin took her first pottery class in 1992 and fell in love with throwing on the wheel. She  continued to develop her skills, assisting in classes and learning the ins and outs of the studio while raising my family. Now she has a home studio, sells her pottery at a variety of venues and teaches clay classes to children and adults.

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Cheyenne Simmons, Great Exbaketations- baker

Cheyenne Simmons with Great Exbaketations Bakery is proud to create scratch-made, baked-to-order cakes featuring local Upstate NY liqueurs and artisanal products! "Your home for 'booze-infused' cakes in the Capital Region!"

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Chris Conlon, Skulls and Sawdust- woodworker

Chris Conlon is a carpenter by trade, who picked up woodworking as an artistic outlet after leaving the tattoo artist profession. He enjoy making and designing many different projects with different materials.

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Colleen Craven,
Creative Craven Studio- illustration, graphic design & branding

Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Colleen Craven ventured up to the mountains of Upstate New York to study art at Skidmore College. After settling in Troy, NY she started work as the in-house graphic designer for Darn Good Yarn and became a freelance illustrator & artist.

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Erin Eckler, EQWilbert-

EQWilbert products are hand made by owner/maker Erin using a wide range of mediums and techniques. From hand carved stamped fiber items to wire sculpted jewelry and decor, every piece is unique.

The guiding force behind EQWilbert designs is whimsy. Erin prides herself in bringing light and love into everything she does. A design is finished when it makes her smile–even better chuckle. These items are designed to be fun, whimsical, and stylish and bring our your inner unicorn!

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Heidi Pikcilingis,  HBPrintsStudio- photography and watercolor

Born in Guilderland NY, Heidi grew up as a kid in the candy store at her parents shop, Candy Kraft Candies. She began painting at a young age with her grandmother and her love for anything related to crafts grew. After graduating high school in 2011, she became a Registered Dental Hygienist, lived a year abroad in Sweden as a Nanny and traveled around Europe where many of her

current art pieces are inspired from.  Currently at 26 countries and counting! While traveling is placed on hold for many of us right now, hopefully thru her artwork of fine art and photography you can be transported to places from the comfort of your own home with your favorite beverage.

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Kasmira Demyan- artist

Kasmira Demyan's body of work, reflects the unity of everything and connections to the divine and higher consciousness. This body of work relieves the interconnection of all forms of life, expressing that nothing in nature is sui generis but showing that the notion of consciousness arises from one. We are the divine, creating a web of divine life on this planet and beyond that is infinite and unbreakable.

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Leigh and Mel, RomCom Candles- Soy Candles, Repurposed Containers, Based on RomCom

RomCom Candles was founded by two strong independent women who love Romantic Comedies, Candles and Our Planet! We decided to combine our passions and thus RomCom Candles was born. With everything going on in the world now more than ever it is important to live sustainably. Our candles come in repurposed containers that will now have a new life.

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Lisa Frazer- jeweler

Lisa Frazer with ZoePea jewelry. Gaining control of every aspect of a jewelry design truly gives the creator freedom. Frazer’s designs are exercises to teach her more ways to make metal do what she needs it to do. With that she hopes to raise a piece of jewelry to the level of art.

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MaryK Weeks- artist

MaryK Weeks grew up in Onondaga County in upstate New York, where the local woodlands and culture of the Onondaga Nation had a great effect on her imagination.  Time spent in the woods sighting animals and observing plants gave her an appreciation for wild beauty.  

She earned an M.Ed. in Art Education and a B.A. in Secondary Spanish Education.  She pursued professional development opportunities at venues including:  the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA, the Women's Studio Workshop in Rosendale, NY and the Instituto Allende in San Miguel de Allende, México. 


In her combined visual and textual art, her use of color and spiritual nuances reflects the influences of her travels, study of indigenous cultures and energetic healing practices.  She continues to capture the voices of characters such as Frida Kahlo in persona poems to accompany her visual work in acrylic, collage and encaustic.

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Maeve McNulty Czapsky,
- hand forged jewelry

Designed and hand forged in beautiful New York, GormKin is a one woman business. Every item is one of a kind and made using recycled sterling silver and precious metals and gemstones. Maeve McNulty Czapsky envisions her pieces as everyday armour, giving others strength and grounding them to nature.

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Meagan, LegitSkin, LLC. -
artisan crafted skincare

The founder and creator of LegitSkin, Meagan, had skin that was not very legit at all. Even as an adult, she dealt with cystic acne, blackheads, and oily skin. She began looking up the ingredients in many soaps, lotions, and cosmetics. It became apparent very quickly what the problem was. After learning about the hundreds of unhealthy ingredients in the cute bottles that line store shelves; Meagan created LegitSkin with the pledge to never use harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients. LegitSkin provides locally crafted soaps, clay masks, scrubs, and balms. All natural ingredients, no

preservatives, artificial colors or dyes, artificial fragrances, or petroleum based oils. They strive for all our packaging to be either compostable or reusable!

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Misty and Rambo Ferguson,
The Crooked Barkhouse
tasty dog treats

The Crooked Barkhouse is owned and operated by Misty (the Human) and Rambo (the Smoochy Pooch). Rambo is a big fan of snackos. Chewy snackos. Crunchy snackos. You name it. So we started The Crooked Barkhouse to make snackos that are fun and tasty for all dogs. Each flavor has Rambo's paw stamp of approval and is free from harmful preservatives and artificial flavors.

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Paul  Hergenrother- artist

Paul  Hergenrother produces exceptional gift products, such as: postcards, ceramic mugs, greeting cards, magnets, marble coasters, prints, paintings, tote bags, silk-screened posters, key-chains bookmarks of historic architectural landmarks throughout the local area - with an emphasis on the Capital Region.

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Rebecca A. Flis- artist

Rebecca Flis is an avid bowler who enjoys her summers by running a sculpture shop at a visual arts camp for children. She is fervently interested in a wide range of sculptural processes, but her specialty is the casting process. Most recently, she has been using non-traditional materials to explore sensory play, materiality, and the relationship between texture and form in her work. Rebecca has taught many workshops, both nationally and internationally, on dung-molding, a form of natural mold-making used in some ancient casting processes.

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Sara Yokubait, Cedar's Studio-

Sara Yokubait is an illustrator based in Troy, NY. As a painter she specializes in acrylic and watercolor. These are her chosen mediums because they give her the most flexibility to paint with emotion, whether it be through brush strokes, color choices, or both. Influenced by children’s book illustrators from an early age, she works to create a world that is vibrant and imaginative, while using everyday subjects in her work.