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Introducing our 2023 exhibitions

By RG Team

Published October 12, 2022

From fantastic color pencils, paintings that highlight the beauty of our Region, an exploration of the figure, expertly crafted ceramics, a fundraiser to help our community, work by our Artists in Residences, and a celebration of small art; our 2023 program has something for everyone and sure to inspire.

There’s a lot of art to look forward to in 2023.

The exhibitions coming up in  2023 at the R Gallery at Arlene's feature some of the most talented artists from the Capital Region, and much, much more.

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Our 2023 exhibitions at a glance:


February 3rd - 25th 

This exhibition is devoted to artwork done by students of the Atelier at Arlene's. Showcasing student work is important.  Not only to showcase the artist's talent but to give them the experience and confidence to grow as fully realized artists. Arlene’s is committed to developing creativity and supporting our local art community. We are tirelessly working on building an engaged audience of individuals who are serious about discovering locally made art.




March 3rd - 25th

Caitlin Cadieux: Nature’s Eyes is a series of drawings that tap into the childlike and instinctive human wonder of the natural world. Each drawing champions an animal in a fantastical, multicolored version of its natural environment. In each piece, the eyes of the animal are either staring directly back at the viewer, or otherwise prominently visible – the soul of this series is in looking and seeing, appreciating the majesty of what we now have in nature, what animals once roamed Earth in the past, and even the mythological beasts that humans fantasized in their awe of the mysteries of the world around them.

The exhibition features 11 color pencil pieces on toned paper highlighting Cadieux’s abiding passion and interest in the natural world, the history of life on our planet, and the meaning humanity derives from the animal world in the form of mythology



Ken Rutsky: 

Resilient Region

April 7th -29th

This exhibition  spotlights the avenues and architecture of New York’s Capital Region. Focusing on the well-traveled but little-noticed corridors used by daily commuters and locals running errands. Taking places in which people live and carry out their daily lives causes us to stop and admire their unique beauty. Reimagining them to show us what makes the Capital Region special and why we call it home.

The architecture of a city reflects the character of the people who dwell within it. As one who drives the streets of New York’s Capital Region daily in the course of his job, Rutsky believes you can most vividly see the character of the tri-cities in places that aren’t necessarily featured on tourist ads and travel blogs: the houses, apartments, and alleys where people live work and play. Here, the buildings may show their age, but they stand resilient, diverse, and with silent pride. These oft-trod but little-noticed spaces stand as a reflection and metaphor of the resilient, diverse, and proud population of the Capital Region, the force pushing some of the nation’s oldest communities to the forefront of culture and technology.



May 5th - 27th

FIGURE is an exhibition of a series of paintings that explore the figure by four local artists. Featured artists include Raina Briggs, Lyndsay Grimes, Ken Rutsky, and Nova Stardust. 




June 2nd - 24th

Form and Function is an exhibition showcasing the talent of 10 local potters and ceramic artists.  



July 15th - August 12

This is our annual fundraising exhibition that brings together artwork by local artists, creatives, and everyone in between as a fundraiser to support local charitable initiatives.



October 6th - 28th

This exhibition features the culmination of work done during our Artist In Residence program. 



Ottavia Huang: 

Artist in Residence Showcase

November 3rd - 25th

This exhibition features the culmination of work done during our Artist In Residence program. 



December 8, 2023 - January 5, 2024

This juried annual exhibition is a celebration of all things small. 


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