Artist & Curatorial Proposals

The R Gallery at Arlene’s and Arlene’s Artist Materials would like to announce we are accepting proposals for our 2022 season. “The R Gallery at Arlene’s has been lucky enough to feature a wide selection of the talented artists and creatives living in our community and supporting the store for years. We want to continue that narrative and are looking for more regional artists and curators to build on that tradition.” says Gallery Director and Curator Andrew Ochal. He goes on to say “Ideal applicants will have a strong body of work with a clear voice that reflects their artistic vision, a willingness to share that vision with our local community.”

The R Gallery at Arlene’s is located on the main level of Arlene’s, right behind the front counter. It is a “deceptively small space” in that you can show a lot more work than you would think. There have been shows that feature 30 pieces of various sizes and it does not feel cramped or congested. Not to mention our annual fundraiser 3”x3” at Arlene’s has had upwards of 500 donations and they all fit well. Now that being said, there is a size limit and pieces must be no larger than 40"X60".

Interested artists and curators should formulate the concept of their exhibition and effectively communicate their ideas in their application. They need to articulate the concept in a brief description as well as show the work included in the exhibition. “We want to see their passion and their point of view”, says Ochal, “the gallery is open to all types of exhibitions and wants to foster a full range of creativity. All applications should be submitted online through the submission section of Deadline to apply is Saturday, August 14, 2021. No mail submissions will be accepted.

Application Guidelines:

  • Personal information

  • Artist/Curator Statement (250-500 words max)

  • Artist/Curator Biography (250-500 words max)

  • Artist/Curator Resume(s)

  • Price Range of your artwork

  • Briefly describe your envisioned exhibition.

  • Submit images of the work you intend to display in the proposed exhibition. Images should be no smaller than 72 dpi or bigger than 300 dpi and should not exceed 10 MB per file. Save images as Lastname_Firstname_Title. If the submission file of artwork isn't saved as requested, the work will not be considered. Applications without images will NOT be considered.

  • Exhibition list with title, medium, size, year, and price (including 40% commission).

  • All submissions should be done online through the submission section of

  • Proposals are open to all mediums.

  • NO email submissions will be accepted.