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In Search of the Perfect Pen. A review of Copic Multiliners.




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The Copic Multiliner pen is my new favorite art supply! I have tried all different types of black liner style pens throughout the years. My go to mediums to create custom illustrations and my personal artwork are watercolor, pen and ink, and markers. In the past I have always used Micron pens to sharpen up my line drawings and watercolor paintings. I have noticed that the Micron pens are really great for this but sometimes they will bleed just a little bit if I don’t wait long enough for the paint or markers to dry before applying my line work. I have recently been trying to use new products just to see how they will work with my process. I love Copic Multiliners!

The Copic Multiliners are made to use with the Copic markers, so they made them extremely waterproof and alcohol marker proof. I can really trust that they won’t smear or give me a “surprise” unwanted effect when I have spent hours painting a project! They also come in a range of thicknesses so I can always find the right size to line out that really small detail or use a bold line to enhance a dark area. I also like the way the liner feels comfortable to hold for long periods of time. These liners are a great way to sketch out a drawing before I paint it in. I like to lightly draw out an image with pencil and then use the liners to do a brief outline of the image. I can then erase my pencil marks with no smudges! After I paint my image in watercolor or markers, the Copic Multiliners are a great way to add finishing touches of detail. I like to use them to add a permanent final signature to my paintings. I hope this review helps and happy creating!

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