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Everything is better with food. Food Vendors are an important part of our markets as they keep our crowd happy. We welcome food trucks, pre-packaged goods, and “ready-to-serve” food and drink vendors at our markets. 

Grow your business

The markets are a great way to get your products in front of new customers who not only appreciate your craft and actively want to support their local creative economy.

Reach a new audience 

Tap into the potential customer that Arlene's and the Makers Markets has to offer.

Join our creative community 

Join our creative community to network with other makers, and help make each other stronger. and so much more.

We love to work with food trucks, pop-up shops, and other specialty food and drink vendors to feed artists, and the community and bring their unique perspectives to the markets.


There is no charge to be a Food Vendor.  Also, you would be added to all promotional materials for the Makers Markets. Food Vendors will be right in the middle of the action so customers would have to stop and get your delicious offerings. Click the button to become a Food Vendor.

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